Yahoo Movieplex – Watch your favorite movies anytime, anywhere

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Aug 20th, 2011
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Do you love movies? Do you spend hours every day watching online videos? Do you feel that there should be an online place where streaming is legal? Don’t want to see pirated stuff? Do you want a place where you can find high definition movies? Well, now you have answer to all these questions from Yahoo. Recently Yahoo! launched Yahoo! Movieplex
yahoo movieplex

yahoo movieplex

I have already written a lot about wars in my previous posts but I feel there will be many more posts on rising competition between rivals like Google, yahoo and Microsoft. Google launched YouTube BoxOffice earlier where they are showing latest bollywood movies in high definition. YouTube got really nice response from users for the same. So it was pretty clear that other giants also need to come up with something similar to stay in competition. YouTube is also showing a lot of live events like IPL and other sports. Right now even Anna Hajare campaign was also shown live on YouTube. Let’s see what yahoo comes up with next after launching Movieplex as an answer to BoxOffice.
After email, browser, social networking and search market: these rivals are competing in Online Entertainment market. As an end user I love it without any doubt. I would like to see them competing in some more areas related with hardware also. Google has already cleared their intentions by buying Motorola mobility. What would you like to see them competing for??

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