Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Disappears From IFA Booth

By Ravi
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Sep 5th, 2011
Galaxy Tab 7.7 Disappears From IFAAhhh….Another bad week for Samsung. Seems like Samsung had been forced to pay a loss of credibility against the usage of some “so called” stolen parts of Apple in the development of it’s Galaxy. Feeling low after Google-Motorola magic mix and then loosing to Apple in intellectual property dispute between Galaxy Tab 10.1 and iPad, Samsung doesn’t seem to have bright future in tablet markets atleast in Germany.

Samsung had to yank yet another Samsung Galaxy Tab from IFA show and Germany as Apple received inclusion against the device to go with a ban on sales and marketing of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Germany. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet had been on display at the IFA consumer electronics gadgets galore in Berlin on Friday but with a sticker saying “Not for sale in Germany”.

Samsung had to remove the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from IFA show as well as it’s German website due to the ban. Apple claims that Samsung ripped off the design details as well as the technology from the iPad in the development of Galaxy Tab which obviously Samsung denies. Since then these two companies are busy in “sue each other” event.
The ban Intellectual property related blog Foss Patents reported the news of removal earlier. Speculations were there (about this step) to have some connection with the previous 10.1 ban until and unless Bloomberg on friday confirmed the issuance of 7.7 ban.
As per Bloomberg, Samsung representative James Chung said the 7.7 ban was issued on Friday and Samsung respects court’s decision. He also added the court order severly limits the choice for consumers in Germany.
Apple was granted the injuction on sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 earlier this month. The 10.1 ban was originally applied to almost all European Union countries but later the court limited the ban to it’s area of jurisdiction, just Germany.
Before and after photos of Samsung IFA booth, could be seen on This Is My Next. The ban will surely decrease the options for consumers and profits for Samsung but the point is – If the choices are almost same in design and technology, it’s difficult to guess how much the consumer will miss Galaxy Tab but a lot easier to guess what Samsung will miss during this time period in Germany.

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