Lenovo Ultrabooks with Mainstream Price

By Ravi
Aug 17th, 2011

Lenovo Ultrabooks with Mainstream PriceWhile talking about it’s first quarter earnings in a conference call in Hong Kong, Lenovo mentioned new strategy for Ultrabooks. Ultrabooks are ultraslim, light Windows laptops having a long battery life and are tough competitors for MacBook Air. (Image Credit : Lenovo)

The ThinkPad X1 shown in the image represents the same ultraslim design that will hit mainstream price points in upcoming quarters as Lenovo said on Thursday, August 18th, 2011.

Ultrabooks that were in premium segments only 18 months ago, Lenovo is planning to introduce the ability to reach mainstream price points with the same solutions. Referring to Intel based laptops and mentioning Lenovo’s Ultrabook Strategy Chief Operating Officer Rory Read said, “Lenovo will invest in innovation to be a leader in that space and that will drive demand. No doubt.”

Mainstream pricing which typically means under $1,000 would happen in 2012. Implying the same he said, “I wouldn’t say by the end of the year necessarily but…that’s definitely going to happen.”

Beating analyst estimates, the world’s third-largest PC maker’s first quarter net profit doubled to $108.8 million from $54.9 million, which was the profit in the year-earlier period.Revenue was also up 15% to $5.92 billion from $5.15 billion.

Surely with the new strategy, mainstream priced Ultrabooks and Lenovo’s profit graph both seem to have a bright future.

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