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By Ravi
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Mar 30th, 2012

Interesting X Series - Apple iOSThe famous iPod, iPhone and the latest winner from Apple, iPad has been entertaining and getting the best possible response from the crowd. It has become a total different and awesome experience if we talk about Apple non-phone and smartphone devices. Underlying is Apple Inc.’s Mobile Operating System, iOS.

As a part of our new series Interesting X, let us have a walk through interesting iOS facts :

“iOS was originally known as iPhone OS. In June 2010 it got the name iOS.”

“iOS was originally developed for iPhone, now supporting other Apple devices as iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV.”

For over a decade the trademark “IOS” was used by Cisco for it’s operating system, IOS, used on routers 

“Apple licensed the trademark for “iOS” from Cisco. Earlier also, Apple settled a dispute over “iPhone” trademark with Cisco.”

“Apple doesn’t license iOS for use on non-Apple hardwares unlike Android and Windows CE.”

iOS is derived from Mac OS X. 

“In March 2012, Apple’s App Store has crossed 550,000 mark as total number of products.”

“As of now, much of iOS’s strength rests in 3rd party developer community but initially, third party applications were not supported.”

“By March 2012, iOS users had downloaded around 25 billion apps from the Apple’s App Store.”

“By March 2012, developers had made around $4 billion from the App Store.”

“Developers can create and develop iOS applications but to submit them to App store or to make profit from them, they need to pay $99 per year as iPhone developer program fee.”

“Developers can set any price for their applications but above the set minimum price to be distributed via App Store. Out of the set price, 30% of the revenue goes to Apple and remaining goes to the developer.”

Starting with iOS4, on 3rd generation iOS devices multitasking is supported.

On 7th March 2012, iOS 5.1 was announced and is the latest version of iOS now. iOS 6 is expected in this summer only.

According to mobile market analytics specialist Flurry, new application-development projects for iOS are approximately thrice against Android.

iOS jailbreaking is legal in the United States since 2010.

iOS seems interesting for hackers too. People jailbreak iOS devices to install prohibited native 3rd party applications, pirate App Store applications, gaining filesystem access, installing custom themes and even for installing other operating systems as Android etc.

We will come back with more on Android, webOS etc. as a part of the same series Interesting X. Visit again for more …..

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