Apple Files Patent Application To Understand Your Voice

By Ravi
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Aug 31st, 2011
If you want to search the most played song and play it again on your iPhone or simply call a friend of yours from your cell, just say it and it will be done by your device itself. Apple is filing patent for an application that can process voice inputs.
As per Apple, this application is for User Profiling for Voice Input Processing, which can be described as the ability to identify the voice and understand some real complex commands.Apple recently filed a patent application for a technology to keep your screen free of fingerprints and now this application will enable you to keep your fingers away from even touching the screen in the first place.

Showing it’s interest in voice commands earlier in April 2010, Apple bought a company named Siri that created application for iPhone users to operate there device with voice commands. Siri’s voice technology can listen to user voice commands to make phone calls and control music playback and Apple is planning to improve it.
There are lot more things happening around voice input technology. Microsoft uses speech recognition services in Windows Phone 7 OS and google integrated voice control into its Android platform. Apple is also expected to integrate Siri’s voice navigation technology into the upcoming iOS5.
So now you can have expect an obedient spouse which can respond to whatever you say without much questions and follows the directions given without fail. 🙂

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