Android Ice Cream Sandwitch

By Ravi
Aug 3rd, 2011

Android Ice Cream SandwitchGoogle and Texas Instruments are working together to make Ice Cream Sandwitch. No…No…No…..They are not starting any restaurant chain but it’s the new version of Android that will run on phones and tablets both. (Image Credit : Texas Instruments)

Ice Cream Sandwitch which is likely to come in the fourth quarter will allow the developers to create apps just once and this smart operating system will figure out which type of device the app is running on and will work accordingly.

TI will be the leading part of this start up and hence will be the taste of this Ice Cream Sandwitch. The promotional image also reveals the same thought.

TI was absent till now in the tablet market but surely was a key player in the android phone market. With this new operating system, made by fusion of phone and tablet versions of Android, the above scenario is likely to change soon.

The upcoming devices having Ice Cream Sandwitch will run on top of one of the two competitive dual-core processors by TI, the 4460 and the 4470. 4470 is having 20 % faster speed i.e. 1.8GHz, better graphics and memory to become a better option.

TI has also modified the memory controller to support faster memory and the 4470 includes a PowerVR SGX544 graphics processing unit (GPU), which TI is also using in OMAP5, the next iteration of TI’s OMAP processor series. 4470 is expected to be in the devices in 2012.

Waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwitch I am, Do you like trying new tastes in sandwitch ?

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