250 GB Android Tablet – Archos G9

By Ravi
Aug 8th, 2011

250 GB Android Tablet – Archos G9A 250 GB internal memory hard disk drive, which has been tweaked to perform as a flash drive and coming with an Android Honeycomb 3.2 tablet is what we call “Archos G9”.

(Image Credit : Archos)

The tablet will support Seagate Momentus Thin 2.5″ Hard disk. The company has tweaked the drive a little bit to work like a flash drive. 4 GB flash storage which will store the most often used data will sit on the top of this hard drive. Using this flash storage will enable the disk to perform faster than a normal 2.5″ hard disk.

The size of this HDD is not as compact as the one which was used by Apple in Macbook Air and iPod (1.8″), hence reducing the cost. Due to the tweaked flash drive behaviour, you can experience 250 GB for a cost of 32 GB flash drive. After this effective cost cutting against a little bit performance, 8″ Archos G9 will be available in $369.99 and 10″ model in $469.99.

The TI processor approved by Google for upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwitch (1.5GHz OMAP 4460 dual-core processor) will be used in the tablet. We can expect a lot more tablets and phones based on the same TI 4460 but they are not coming until this year end.

These Archos G9 models are expected to hit markets in september becoming the first one with TI 4460. I wonder why one will buy a laptop with 320 GB storage and 3 GB RAM, if a tablet can have 250 GB space, 4 GB flash and 1.5GHz dual core processor……..anyone ready to buy my laptop against Archos G9…. ?

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