Huge Money in Blogging: Mashable set to be sold for more than $200million

By vikas
Mar 15th, 2012
Huge Money in Blogging Mashable set to be sold for more than $200million

Pete cashmore

Pete Cashmore, the owner of is going to be amulti millionaire with the work he just started to avoid being bored by hisstudies. Cashmore who had to spend a large time at home because of the problemafter surgery from appendictis indulged his growing interest in socialnetworking and began to blog about social media at the age of 19.

The American news network CNN is in talks to buy the newssite. If the buyout takes place, it will mark Cashsmore as a dotcommultimillionaire. Mashable covers wide range of news related to social mediaand technology. It covers all companies ranging from start-ups to the largerplayers of the tech world. The news site is one of the most read blogs andattracts more than 50 million page views a month.

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