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Aug 4th, 2012
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In this internet era where everyone is connected to internet , if we can find something on the internet only where we can manage our account bills and keep a note of our expenses then it really would be a blessing for all of us. We all are tired of writing and managing our bills in a notebook and keeping the accounts of different people, as it usually happens when we share the accommodation, and then losing that notebook or that page keep us guessing how much we have to pay and how much we have to take from different person. The solution to your problem is ExpenseRegister, which will keep the details of all your expenses and deposits along with other tools which includes the calculation of credit card payment, savings calculation, tax calculation, personal budget calculation etc.


All you have to do is register at ExpenseRegister. The homepage of the site will look like:-



Click on the signup page visible on the right hand side to register with the site. After Registration, you can login by clicking on the sign in link with the username and password which will be sent to you via mail. The welcome page of the site will look like:-


expenseRegister:Welcome Page

Now here you are free of all tensions like keeping the track of all your savings and expenses and also looking for the bills here and there. You can keep the track of all kind of expenses and income. It also has the option of adding your other incomes apart from fixed income, keeping a track of shared expenses, monthly budget information and to keep the reminders for any important update.  These all options are available under “my account” tab.


expenseRegister:Accounts Features

Now you can add your monthly income by clicking on the monthly income option available above. The page will look like the below page where you can add your new account with the income.

Income Page

expenseRegister:Add Income

Similarly we can list our expenses by using the monthly payment option and another expenses by using expense option. Apart from it, we will get the detailed reports and graphs for our expenses in different possible combinations like expense report by the day, expense report by the type and expense report by payment method etc. These all options are available under the my accounts -> Views and Reports tab.

Views and Reports


You can also download the reports as visible in the above screenshot and then can analyze where you can cut your expenses. Apart from all this, the site also gives you tools to calculate tax and some other things visible under the screenshot below:-


expenseRegister:Tools For Calculations

This site is therefore a complete package of keeping note of your expenses and incomes, detailed analysis of your expenses by downloading the spreadsheet of your expenses in different modes and also calculate your savings, deciding the maximum loan you can afford by checking your expenses and earnings etc. So what are you waiting for, just register and enjoy all the services.Also Post your comments and views about expenseRegister.


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  1. Subu says:

    This is a great post on how to get started with expenseRegister! Thanks for the step by step instructions.

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