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Apr 5th, 2012

They said…..It will come to join us in 2011. Year 2011 has passed. With lot more reports and lot more whispers the talks are that it will come in June 2012. It will be so redesigned, larger, will support all new technologies and will run on latest processor. Will it come this summer…. ? 

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

Yes, we are talking about the much awaited Apple iPhone 5. As the ssssshhhh talks continue, we bring to you the rumours associated with iPhone 5. The exact details are known to Apple only and only after the launch other things will be clarified.

Meanwhile let’s have a look at the rumours around us about the iPhone 5 :
    • Release Date :
      Earlier Apple iPhone 5 was expected to join the market in 2011. Actually when Apple launched iPhone 4S, at that time people were expecting iPhone 5 only. Then people talked about it’s launch in October.
      Considering the fact that Apple may come back to it’s original trend of launching iPhones in Apple’s Worldwide Developer Event(WWDC) which usually takes place in early June, iPhone 5 is expected in this summer only.
      Apple didn’t launch iPhone 4S in WWDC, but Apple is likely to re-establish the trend with iPhone 5 by launching it in WWDC, June 2012. It seems that Foxconn, one of the largest suppliers of iPhones is also preparing for the same date.
  • Price :
    If there is no truly next generation technology is not involved then price of iPhone should remain almost similar to the previous iPhone. Rumours are there that new iPhone will cost around £500 for 16/32 GB model.
  • Design :
    The design is expected to be a total rethink. Unlike iPhone 4S, a totally new sleek design is expected. Rumours were there that in earlier days, Steve Jobs scraped the iPhone 5 devices, saying it had large screen. Now we have heard that Sony has already shipped top secret 4″ demo screens to Apple, not a 5″ screen (the larger one).
  • Specs :
    An quad core processor by specialist of mobile chip designs, ARM is expected to make it’s debut with iPhone 5. The processor will probably be called Apple A6. There are other devices also expected in 2012 with quad core processor.
  • 4G/LTE Support :
    With new iPad‘s launch Apple welcomed 4G, hence same is expected with iPhone5. LTE technology support is also expected to be there in iPhone 5.
  • Wallet – NFC Support :
    Apple iPhone 5 may support NFC technology. Google Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Nexus S already had the same. NFC will turn the device into a kind of debit/credit card. Rumours are there that Google Wallet Mobile Payment Platform will come along with iPhone5.
  • Screen : 
    Earlier there were talks that iPhone 5 will have a 4″ larger screen. Then rumours were spread that iPhone5 will have curved glass screen and machinery has been bought for the same by Apple. Now latest whispers are that iPhone 5 will have 4.6″ retina display. Don’t know which one is true after being told that Steve Jobs said NO to large screen for iPhone 5.
  • Camera :
    iPhone 5 could have 8MP camera. Sony’s latest back illuminated stacked CMOS image sensors which are quite smaller in size may appear in iPhone5. As Sony once said, that Apple buy their best sensors from them for iPhones or iPads, our expectation for latest sensors in iPhone 5 increases.
Reviews : 
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Waiting for Apple iPhone 5 the same way you are…

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