Smartphones : Security Threat To Users

By vikas
Aug 5th, 2011

Smartphones : Security Threat To UsersNow a days , Phones are the source of all the information of one’s life. Most of the people even store their net banking, mails, credit cards passwords in their phones. The situation becomes worse when one is having so called Smartphone which has all features to make one’s life easier but risky to its own personal information security at same time. The Smartphones are main target of hackers due to following reasons :

  • Smartphones have all the information of a user whether it is personal or financial. It also includes information which a user shares with its near or dear ones.Once a hacker gains access to the device , he can know everything about the person. The situation becomes worse for some people who stores their passwords in the phones.
  • People who uses Smartphone always uses Bluetooth and internet. While a little knows that unknown networks are fatal for them as well as their device , most of them don’t care and uses unknown networks as well as allow others to connect to them.This allows malicious things to enter into their device and sometimes hackers gain access to the device and uses their information.
  • Many of the smartphone users are not fully known to the latest network and phishing attacks. With such as unawareness, it is always easy for hackers to enter to the devices and stay there and gain information for a long time. This becomes more risky when people with in a span of months or years leak their banking or personal information through messages or mails by using Smartphones.
  • Since Smartphones are portable and people keep them in their pockets and carry with them wherever they go , it is always the chance that someone steal their phone because they are costly and thieves have eyes on them or their phone may fall in midway. The matter gets more worse when people have not used security passwords to lock their phones and haven’t used location services i.e. tracker to track the location of their Smartphones.
These all major causes of threats implies that, however , Smartphones are for our own comfort but a little negligence may cause a harm which sometimes can never be repaid. So we should all take care of putting a security password in phones , don’t use unknown networks, keep a tracker to locate the location of phone, don’t keep the personal security password or share them through mails and sms, invest in locate and remote wipe services.

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