Samsung Mobile is 2011’s Top Brand in Social Media in India

By Ravi
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Feb 23rd, 2012

Samsung Mobile's on Top

After capturing a solid market position in mobile phone market, Samsung Mobile is now 2011’s top brand for the year 2011 as per the Social Media Brand Equity Index (SMBER) Index, launched by NM Incite.

NM Incite, a Nielsen/Mckinsey company covered the social buzz for 400 brands in India from January 1st, 2011 to December 31st, 2011. For the consumers discussing Android platform on social media, Samsung Mobile was at the top of the table.
Samsung Mobile’s large fan following earned the company a 36% “buzz share” and made it the top most pick out the top 20 brands which successfully generated social media buzz and positive sentiments throughout the year 2011. Automobile manufacturer Ford India ranked second, followed by Maruti Suzuki, Nike and Flipkart to complete the top five brands set.
SMBER index uses an innovative method for analysis by using the volume of social media buzz associated with any brand and the public sentiments surrounding the brand in the online world. Their method incorporates all the metrics which define the presence of a brand in social media. They make a combination of qualitative metrics such as public sentiments for the brand as well as presence of the brand in the social media platforms worldwide and quantitative metrics such as no. of fans, followers and no. of comments by unique users by using NM Incite’s BuzzMetrics Technology.

“The SMBER index answers some critical questions for a brand, based on engagement with company owned social media platforms, as well as the consumer’s conversation on the brand across the platforms,” says Farshad Family, Managing Director, Nielsen Media – India.

Telecom sector registered strong presence in top 20, as Mobile phone manufacturers Samsung placed first, LG Electronics (7th), Sony Ericsson (10th), Nokia (13th) and HTC (17th) followed it. In telecommunication service provider Airtel placed 14th, followed by Vodafone (15th) and Tata Docomo (16th).
Automotive sector also ranked itself well with Ford India (2nd), Maruti Suzuki (3rd), Mahindra & Mahindra (6th), Volkswagen India (8th), Hyundai Motor India (11th) and BMW India (19th) making the count of 6 in top 20.

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