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By Yashwant
Aug 8th, 2011
We all know that genNext is switching more and more towards web applications. Desktop Applications’ market got a heavy hit due to increasing popularity of web applications. No doubt, web applications have made day today work lot easier for users. Cloud computing have given a boost to these efforts and now Paul Kinlen has come up with a fresh approach for his revolutionary Web Intents idea.
Web Intents concept will allow developers to build their applications with help of other available applications. This concept is somehow similar to android framework, where developers decide what their application will do exactly and for other helping work, they do not choose one particular option, instead they give users an option to choose their favourite application. 

For e.g.: if a developer wants to create image gallery, he can focus on designing the library, one helping application for his idea will be red-eye removal. There are so many tools available for red-eye removal but developer won’t choose one. It will be end users who will choose which red-eye removal tool they will use with his image gallery application. Each end user is free to choose his combination of applications.

All this is possible by enhancing web browsers and merging these applications with them. This is going to happen very soon as two of the fastest growing browsers and arguably the best in industry, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are planning to work together on this concept. In my previous post about browser wars I mentioned that Google is showing his technical dominance in every domain he is entering and this time it seems they are ready to work with Firefox also to go past Internet Explorer. Well I am not sure which company will gain most profit out of it but end users are going to have web experience which they never had before.
In Paul Kinlan’s own words

“This project will fundamentally change and improve the way we build applications on the web today for our users.”

For more technical details please visit his blog 

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