Google planning to sell Android Tablets – Alarming news for Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire

By Yashwant
Mar 30th, 2012
Google planning to sell android based tablets directly to consumers

Google planning to sell android based tablets directly to consumers

Apple and Google’s rivalry is very well known and this battle is not going to slow down in near future. Apple’s net worth sky rocketed in past few years. Sales of iPhone and iPad have been increasing exponentially and apple is earning record profits. Google is almighty when it comes to Search, Browser or Mail. Now Google is trying to enter new domains. Recently we talked about Google Play. Google Play is Google’s answer to Apple App Store. World is still guessing what is the extent Google want to go with Google Play and Google has already decided plans about another domain. After Applications and Software, Google is planning to compete with Apple in Hardware Market. 

As per the reports by Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to sell Android based tablets via an online store. Right now Apple and Amazon are the only big players in that market with iPad and Kindle Fire. This step by Google will surely bring a new spark in the tablet market. Android has been a hit among smart phones but android based tablets haven’t been able to create any threat for Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire. Google bought Motorola Mobilitylast year with all their patents and obtained rights to manufacture and sell hardware also. It seems they have planned to capitalize on that deal now.  

Google and Motorola Mobility

Google and Motorola Mobility

Google promoted Nexus Phones with their name and logo last year via their online portal but scrapped the idea in a short span of time. This time Google is planning to co-brand with some more android based tables according to according to people familiar with the matter (As mentioned in report by Wall Street Journal). This news is no doubt a point of worry for Apple and Amazon but more than them, companies which are selling android based tables will be affected. They are using android with their hardware right now. If Google comes up with their own hardware or prefers one or two hardware manufactures over others then sales of other brands’ android based tables will surely see a rapid downfall.
Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire

Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire

Google has proven its dominance in internet arena. Now they are eying on consumer electronics. It might be a new domain for Google but as per their track record they know how to succeed in any domain by their sheer excellence. So those who are planning to buy a new tablet device in near future, stay tuned and wait for some more time. You might get something revolutionary in coming time.

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