Chrome Running Ahead In The Browser War

By vikas
Aug 6th, 2011
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Social Media is on a boom. Online shopping is generating huge revenues. Most of the software development work is taking place online. Online applications are preferred over desktop applications. You might be thinking these are 4 random sentences which all denote different domains, but you have a look again, all of these points to one thing – Internet usage is increasing with an exponential growth. Due to this, Web Browsers have become most used application of every computer user. Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera are most widely used browsers throughout the globe.
We won’t discuss pros and cons of each browser here in this post. We will have a look at something more interesting. We will explore the statistics of browser usage in past one year. Which browser is losing its user base and which browser is giving a tough time to others? Statcounter, a renowned organization who is famous for providing reliable and details web stats has recently published global stats for top 5 browsers from August 2010 to July 2011.
Chrome Running Ahead In The Browser War
The war of browsers has become more significant due to rivalry between Microsoft and Google in many of their products. The graph clearly shows that IE is market leader with highest number of users and other browsers are far behind. Google Chrome numbers show that it had less market share in the beginning but one should not forget that chrome is relatively very new in market as compared to firefox and IE. Even though Google has come into browser market really late but they have clearly shown their technical dominance. In one year chrome users have increased significantly from 10% to 22% whereas IE users have reduced from 51% to 42%. Interesting fact is that firefox who was looking stagnant from some time has also started dipping a bit. With the rapid rate of updates and improvements in chrome, it won’t be a big surprise if chrome surpasses firefox and IE really soon.
Google is showing excellence in each application domain it is entering. Google search engine is undoubtedly the best and Microsoft’s reply Bing has failed. Yahoo has already been defeated by gmail in mail services. It seems now its Microsoft’s turn to loose in browser war.

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