What are Your Sources for Cash Loans?

By jonnypean
Jul 4th, 2012

Sources for Cash Loans

Cash Loans

Cash Loans

Not everyone needs cash loans but if you do there may be several sources from which you can get these loans. The ideal thing to do with your finances is to get some emergency fund built up so that when you need cash loans you can get it from those funds. However, individuals mostly forget about these funds and end up with no emergency money at all and that is when they have to turn to other sources for fast cash loans. Any type of loan can be a burden if you do not have any idea how you will repay them back. Before you take up any loans you must have a complete plan about your finances and about how you plan to pay back the loans. With such loans you can get into trouble because the faster the cash you get the higher could be the rate of interest. So, where would you turn to in case you need emergency cash loans? Let us take a look at few of the reliable sources that you could seek help from.

  • Friends and family: These are the people who can be of help when you need some emergency cash loans and are not ready financially to pay off any interests. Ideally family and friends may lend you some funds without any rate of interest. However, there may still be some individuals who may like you to pay some sort of interest but that should be sorted out within yourselves. Be prepared for everything. If they are not willing to help, do not lose heart because there are still other sources from which you can still get some fast cash loans. You must respect that each person has his own plans and they may be offering you the money from their own emergency fund and it is your responsibility to return the money as promised.
  • The bank: You can also get cash loans from the bank and this may be your best option if other options are not available to you. The bank may be able to provide cash loans through different procedures like:
    1. On your credit cards
    2. Unsecured loans
    3. Home equity line of credit
    4. Home equity loan

Credit unions too may be willing to help you with cash loans in times of need. You can also seek their help in this case.

  • Payday loans: While these cash loans can be quite popular they are also one of the most dangerous options till date. Payday loans or emergency cash loans are usually provided to those individuals who do not have proper credit ratings. This may get you through your hard times but you must remember that if you default on your payday loans, you may have to face harder times than you could imagine.
  • Emergency fund: This is not an institution or any bank but a personal choice that individuals make. If you need cash loans in the future and do not have an emergency fund yet, now is the best time to start saving. It always pays off to have an emergency fund because you never know what you might need the money for in the future. You may have to make a down payment or you must lose the house of your dreams. If you have an emergency fund you may be able to save the house. Again, you may also have to meet some deductible before your insurance kicks in. In that case, it will help if you have an emergency fund to help you avoid cash loans from other sources.

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  1. I do trust all the ideas you have presented in your post. They’re very convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for novices. May you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  2. Good post, in my view Friends and family are the best source when it come to cash loan because payday loans have extremely higher interest rates and if one does not pay it can lead to disaster.

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