10 Commandments of Investing to Grow Money (InfoGraphic)

By Pankaj Khandelwal
Mar 24th, 2015

Just one word – Investment?? And your response will be that you have been doing it since you were wearing half pants or a frock. Remember how you always managed your personal budget with your pocket money. You saved in earthen pots and pig faced reservoirs. Remember the piggy banks? But again was this money enough? No. It was not as this was saving and not investment.

Saving will not result in wealth creation. Our piggy banks never contributed even a rupee to our wealth. Money was idle but not growing. But is money a tree which grows by itself? Yes. Money can grow on its own, provided it gets a balanced climate and the environment it requires. A tree requires sunlight, water and minerals, investments also need a few essentials to grow. And with the right amount of these, it needs time to show its true colors. Few things like growth and character need time to develop and so do investments. They also need time and patience to bear fruit.

Let’s check this infographic – 10 Commandments of Investing – may help you in growing your money tree. (if you like this, must share with your friends)

10 Commandments of Investing

10 Commandments of Investing

Source: tflguide.com

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