Resident Evil – Afterlife – Pix launches game for promotion

By Yashwant
Aug 19th, 2011
Resident Evil - Afterlife game by PIX
There is good news for all resident evil lovers. Pix is showing Resident Evil – Afterlife on 20th August in India. It’s an Indian TV premier for this movie. PIX is one of the most famous Hollywood Movie Channel. The game is an old style arcade game with some nice graphics. Difficulty level increases as you move on in game. You can play game on PIX website.
There is nothing special as far as game is concerned but what I like is the marketing idea. Facebook and other social networking sites are one of the favourite online places for everybody these days and most of the users of these sites spend their time playing online games. Online gaming market is booming on an exponential rate of growth. Games like Farmville, Citywille etc have been back bones of facebook’s success. Recently google+ has also declared that they will come up with new games very soon.
Resident Evil - Afterlife
The idea of launching Resident Evil – Afterlife game by PIX could be a stepping stone. Movie Production Houses will take this option very seriously to promote their websites. We already have pages, groups and fan clubs of movies on facebook. Now these games will create another benchmark in advertisement industry. We have already seen Tomb Raider game which broke all the records of success. Let’s wait for some more games like these on facebook. I would like to play some game related with Harry Potter. What will you prefer?

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