Indian Government wants to monitor Facebook and Twitter

By Yashwant
Aug 12th, 2011
Would you like if government tell you – “I know what you tweeted last night” or governmentt likes or dislikes your fb status. Even worse, some day you put your frustration out on any of these social media site with some bad words or anything which seems illegal (you do not intend to do so, it’s your frustration not you who spoke) and next day you get a legal notice. You might think that this author is out of his mind and has gone crazy. But I am writing all this without getting high on anything; Indian government wants Department of Telecom to “ensure effective monitoring of Twitter and Facebook”
In a written reply to a question in Parliament, the Minister of state for communications and information technology, Milind Deora, said that he had received a letter from MHA to ensure effective monitoring of Twitter and Facebook in order to “strengthen cyber security paraphernalia”. In his own words 

“The telecom service providers (already) provide facilities for lawful interception and monitoring of communication flowing through their network including communications from social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.”

Government is trying to get lawful access to all information possible, even if it’s a threat to Privacy of users. Facebook and Twitter both have mentioned that they can’t do anything against privacy of their users. It seems that these conflicts will create similar kind of scene which happened between Indian Government and Blackberry Management on access to emails. This created a lot of inconvenience for  blackberry users at that time.
Government is giving security reasons behind all these efforts. I do not understand one thing, why don’t government spend these many resources in improving our cyber security. Why don’t they try to save government websites which are under constant attacks of foreign hackers? The only reason which comes to my mind is the popularity of twitter and facebook. Common internet users are not aware about cyber threats for a nation, so government wants to show that they are working for security by monitoring facebook and twitter. I am not against government actions or anything; just want them to work on more serious issues then following tweets and facebook updates of common people.

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