AngryAnna – New Facebook Game

By Yashwant
Aug 25th, 2011
angry anna

Anna Hajare movement is gaining big support from everybody in India. People are supporting to campaign in their own way. Social Media is used widely by youth and it has shown its influence. Now Geek Mentor Studios has shown their support in an interesting and innovating way. They have come up with a new facebook game – AngryAnna. Yep, I am not kidding on this. Our favourite angry birds, which was biggest success of gaming market last year has been presented in a new avatar by geek mentor studios

angry birds
I played the game and really like the graphics and background score. As the original angry birds game here also difficulty level keep on increasing as you clear initial rounds. I missed only one thing here, while playing the game; you cannot scroll towards right to check the position of target, so I was generally missing my targets in first shot. But overall I liked it and as I mentioned in my previous post related with facebook games, this market has unlimited potential and we will see some more innovations in coming time.

Here are some stills from the game

angryanna-stills1  angryanna-stills2
angryanna-stills3  angryanna-stills4

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