Microsoft launches to replace hotmail

By Yashwant
Aug 1st, 2012
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Microsoft has launched today and it seems they are going to replace hotmail with this. Gmail has been really dominant in email domain and hotmail has been on sideline for quite some time now. has very sleek looks and features are really promising. User experience is much better than hotmail.

Microsoft HomePage

Microsoft HomePage

I opened my windows live mail account after a long time today after hearing about launch of Login page is quite similar as to older Microsoft services though they have been consistent with their blue colour scheme which matches the basic theme of their operating system. Microsoft sent a notification email to all their current users about launch of

What's new in Microsoft

What’s new in Microsoft

I have been a regular user of Gmail and I am quite addicted to it when it comes to personal email. I have customized my Gmail user experience according to my likes so selecting mail ahead of Gmail might not be possible for me but it is worth giving a try. I tried drafting a new mail but somehow I did not like the left side address and right side mail body option as shown in the screenshot below.

Microsoft - Draft a new email

Microsoft – Draft a new email

Microsoft and Google‘s rivalry is quite famous. Browser War have been going on for a long time now. Last month Google launched Google Nexus tablet against Microsoft Surface. They have also launched ChromeBooks officially in Google IO event which was an unofficial announcement that Google is going to compete with Microsoft and Apple in Operating System domain too. So seems to be Microsoft’s answer to Google in the webmail domain where Google is king as of now with Gmail.

Microsoft Outlook email client has been one of the most successful products for Microsoft and is widely used across corporate houses as official email client. Microsoft must be hoping the similar success in webmail services with As a first glance I will say that shows potential and hotmail users are going to love it but bigger question is will it be able to pull other mail users to Microsoft platform?

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