The new TouchSmart 610 PC by HP

By vikas
Aug 9th, 2011

The new TouchSmart 610 PC by HP While everyone likes the touch screen mobile , HP going one step ahead has launched TouchSmart 610 PC ‘s .Promising to be designed to minimise human efforts and discomfort, hence maximise efficiency, TouchSmart 610 features a display that can lean back up to 30 degrees. The PC will come with TouchSmart software which will let users pinch, rotate, arc, flick, press, and drag items on their desktop with multi-touch gestures.

“TouchSmart 610 All-in-One PC has been designed to provide a holistic touch-enabled entertainment experience to our users and serve as a one stop shop for all their computing needs. Its reclining design with adaptable features makes it an ideal choice for users across age groups,” said Vinay Awasthi, Sr Director Product & Marketing (PSG), HP India.

The product would surely attract people who feel easy working with touching the screen than pressing buttons hard.

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