"GMAIL MAN" – Microsoft Office 365 ad campaign against gmail

By Yashwant
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Aug 2nd, 2011
Microsoft has launched much awaited office 365 last month. Microsoft is trying to provide cloud solution for businesses and they have aggressive ad campaign for the same. Recently they launched a new video which is making fun of gmail.


It is mentioned in this video that google is reading emails of all users to find keywords for relevant ad display. No official comment has come from google till the time this post is written. I am neither in favor of google nor microsoft but I really liked one of the comments on this youtube video

What i like about Google , is this video was their featured video in Google news 🙂
and it’s uploaded? on Youtube..
Microsoft! Google doesn’t care 🙂

Google recently started email intervention campaign in which they mocked other email providers. Now microsoft has ad against gmail. So there is a clear ad-war going on between all these giants. 

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